If you are a fan of the 6502, then this is the place for you. I have a deep interest in the 6502 and through this site, I hope to educate others on what it is and what it can do.

The 6502 is so ubiquitous that a large percentage of the population have used something that contains one, even if they do not realise it! The Acorn Electron, Apple 1, Atari 2600, BBC Master, Commodore PET, NES and Tamagotchis – these are just a few of the devices where the 6502 was used! Although it was introduced in 1975, it is still in production today and continues to be loved by enthusiasts and commercial enterprises.

This site contains courses that I have created that will teach you all about the 6502, how to build a 6502-based computer, how to write in 6502 assembly language and how to write games in 6502 assembly language. You can access the different courses that I have available for you via the menu.